Reviews of penis enlargement operations: types of operations, results

Penis enlargement surgery allows men to get rid of the penis-size complex.

Moreover, this is the only really real way to increase male dignity, which gives a 100% result.

Of course, in the overwhelming majority of cases, penis enlargement is exclusively a man's desire, and not a medical indication, but this does not make the significance of such a procedure less significant.

penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement techniques

Today medicine offers three main directions, after which, the size of the penis will be increased.

  • Non-surgical. The direction is based on the use of a special apparatus - an extender. It has been used for a long time and can show a positive result.
  • Combined direction. Here, an operation is used first, and then a course with an extender is also carried out.
  • Surgical plastic.

Penis plastic surgery is based on the correction of the hidden part of the perineum. In other words, part of the ligaments of the penis is simply cut open, which leads to its increase in length.

Despite the fact that the reviews for each of the methods are contradictory, there are both positive and negative, it is the plastic that remains the most reliable method.

As for the medical indications for plastic surgery to enlarge the penis, here, first of all, it is worth mentioning the micro-size of the penis. This is an innate problem that completely ruins a man's life, both in terms of physiology and psychology.

Let's determine what other indications are for penis surgery, besides the man's desire to increase his manhood.

Indications for plastic surgery of the penis

Let's clarify that andrology does not consider the size of the penis more than 11 cm as an indication for surgery. The size of the penis from 11 cm and above is quite normal.

The main indication is the penis size of 2-3 cm, that is, the micro size. In this state of affairs, a man is not able to carry out sexual intercourse.

Plastic surgery is indicated in the following cases:

  1. With mechanical damage to the genital organ.
  2. Congenital anomalies such as hypospadias or epispadias.
  3. With micro penis syndrome.
  4. Age-related changes, such as changes in the structure of the tissues of the penis, its obesity or decreased elasticity.

Let us dwell in detail on the microsize of the penis, since it is this anomaly that is the main indication for plastic surgery.

Micropenis syndrome is a consequence of endocrine disorders in the child's body, which is reflected in the growth and development of the penis. In adulthood, such a small member becomes the cause of some functional disorders in the body.

Thus, if the work of the penis remains normal, it is capable of reproduction and sexual intercourse, then there are no direct indications for enlargement.

What happens during surgery

Immediately, we note that an increase in manhood can be carried out by 3-5 cm. Numerous reviews of patients say the same, so you should not wait for a wonderful "+10".

We also note that the rehabilitation period after the operation can be quite painful.

This type of surgery is called phalloplasty, and it is done in two directions:

  • Elongation of the penis by an average of 3-5 cm.
  • Penis enlargement.

The cost of the operation is quite high, but we will talk about the cost of penis enlargement a little below.

penis enlargement surgery

Ligamentotomy penis lengthening

An operation to lengthen male dignity is called a ligamentotomy. The operation lasts from 30 minutes to an hour and is performed under general anesthesia.

During the operation, the suspension ligament of the penis is dissected, as a result of which a few centimeters are added to the length.

Reviews of the method are quite positive, and they are due to the fact that there is a visible effect and the rehabilitation period lasts only 2-3 weeks. After 15-20 days, the suture almost disappears, such regeneration is associated with an excellent blood supply to the groin area.

The patient is in the hospital for no more than 2 days, after which he can already be discharged. The man is given all the recommendations on wearing the extender, as well as a list of the time of arrival for dressing.

After such an operation, the erection does not suffer, so fears about the loss of potency in men after surgery are groundless. The method does not involve trauma to the vessels, muscles and ligaments, which are responsible for erectile function.

The maximum result for lengthening the penis depends entirely on the anatomical individual characteristics of the patient's body. However, on average, it is. As we said, 3-5 cm.

Thickening of the penis

To thicken the penis, two types of surgical intervention are used:

  1. Lipofilling.
  2. Microsurgical muscle transplant.

In the first option, the principle of pumping the man's own fat cells into the penis area is used. The problem of the method is that no matter how much fat is pumped up, firstly, it is possible to increase the volume by 1 cm, and secondly, the result is not long-term.

In the second case, with microsurgical muscle transplantation, the organ is thickened due to a kind of wrapping in its own muscle tissue, which is transplanted from the abdominal wall.

Naturally, I wonder how much volume can be added with this method? The maximum thickening is achieved at a level of 3-4 cm.

The operation is extremely difficult, lasts at least three hours and is very expensive, while after the intervention, the recovery period lasts for 5 weeks.

How much each individual operation costs depends on the complexity of the process and the location, from the clinic. Also, such an operation does not affect potency if there are problems with erection, that is, drugs to increase male strength.

Before deciding on penis enlargement, you need to understand how much it will cost, what is the rehabilitation period and the consequences. Without a direct indication for an increase, all these points are extremely important.