Experience in the use of Erogen X

Experience in the use of Erogen X Felix Valencia

Experience in the use of Erogen X Felix Valencia Since adolescence I hesitated because of the size of his penis. Despite the fact that I've been married, this complex did not leave me, and feel like a full man with a large and impressive penis, I was able only recently, after a course of gel Erogen X.

Yes, you say, it's not the size, and the ability to use it, and not all girls want a man with a giant penis. But in a candid conversation, many will say that the penis of their guy should be at least 15-16 inches, otherwise they simply will not be able to perceive him as a male in bed. Because at the sight of my modest 12 inches and some girls did a straight face, and someone began to openly laugh. And even if they tried to reassure me, I saw in their eyes only pity.

Even after the course of therapy, I still could not fully overcome the complex and to feel complete, sexy man. It only remained to go under the surgeon's knife, but to do that I feared. After all, there can be scars, but if a doctor makes a mistake, you may experience problems with erection.

Because learning about the existence of the gel Erogen X, that can enlarge the penis without surgery, I was very happy and decided to learn more. Finding the official site, I learned that, stimulating the growth of protein bodies of the penis with the gel, you can achieve pretty good results and increase the penis by 4-5 inches. I ordered several tubes, in the hope that it will be able to increase at least a couple of inches.

How to use:

Gel for penis enlargement you need to squeeze into hands and RUB across the length of the penis. To use it two times a day. It can be noted the improved circulation, feel a slight warmth and tingling.

The effect of the application

The result is noticeable immediately, but after a couple weeks of daily use gel my penis became thicker and a few millimeters longer. A month later, the change in size was noticed not only by me but also my wife, and in bed, I began to feel a little more confident, besides the erection became much better and longer. By the end of the course I measured my penis and was amazed – it was as much as 16 inches in length and a centimeter thicker in diameter.

Now I feel much more confident as a man, and my wife after sex looking at me quite differently than before! All who are concerned about the size of their penis, don't despair, with gel Erogen X it is possible to make your penis the way you always wanted it to be!

Experience in the use of Erogen X John from Liverpool

Experience in the use of gel Erogen X John from Liverpool

With girls I always had problems, as soon as reached the bed, I started to get lost and blushed, afraid to see the reaction that my penis is much smaller than average. To fix this I was able with the help of gel Erogen X.

The gel contains a complex of components, stimulating its growth and elasticity, it is, of course, will not make it 2 times bigger, but an increase of several inches can be counted, and in this case even a couple of inches solves a lot.

Personally I am pleased that in a couple of months my penis grew from a modest 8 inches to 13 is quite decent, even this seriously helped me in my sexual life, I finally have a steady girlfriend. I continue to apply the gel, I hope that he grows up a little more in thickness. If you do not consider surgery Erogen X – the best way, if you are unhappy with the size of their penis and want to fix it.